Be Pure Sofa Statement Xl Ekoskóra Koniakowa 37865609

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The name of this bank says it all, right? A bank like this is a clear element in the home. A bank determines the ambience of the interior and this bank offers a good basis for several living styles. The design of Statement is basic, but it does stand out because of its size. This spacious 4-seater sofa offers enough space for the whole family and is great. This variant has Recycled leather in a cognac colour. The seat depth is 63 cm, the seat width 232 cm and the seat height 45 cm. The height of the armrest is 65 cm and the width of the armrest is 24 cm. The leg height is 15.5 cm and the height of the frame 18.5 cm. What is Recycled Leather? When cutting the patterns of the hides and skins, factories are left with remnants. These remnants are crushed and we make a new fabric out of this: Recycled leather. Recycled leather consists of 35% genuine leather and 65% polyester. The fabric is made up of two materials: the underlayer consists of recycled genuine leather, which gives it its naturalny and unique appearance. The leather is protected by a polyester coating which prevents unevenness and makes it a sturdy combination fabric. Maintenance: Recycled leather cannot be treated with grease for leather. Recycled leather can be maintained as follows: a damp cloth can be used to clean the fabric. In case of stains, you can use a neutral soap solution to remove the stains. After removing the stain, wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. This bench is delivered in separate elements. The elements are easy to connect to each other by means of brackets.Not available for the UK. This article isn?t Fire Retardant.Orders for this product cannot be cancelled.


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